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Our Quality Manufacturers

Our Quality Manufacturers

We are proud to offer our quality manufacturers to you for your fireplace needs. We offer all of  the product that each of our manufacturers offers for sale. If you know of a product that one of our manufacturers offers and you cannot find it on our web site please do not despair, simply send us an email and we will get a price for that item right back to you. Thank you for shopping on our site and for having confidence in our manufacturers.

Adams Fireplace Tools
Adams Fireplace Screens
Adams Fireplace Accessories
All Adams Products

Adams Company was founded in 1883 as an iron foundry, making cast iron parts.  The Adams Fireplace Accessories line was acquired by Minuteman International® in July 2008.  Adams commitment to making quality products goes back to their founding.  To ensure durability they use heavy solid brass or steel.  Their fireplace accessories are dedicated to beauty and quality, form and function.  ToolsForFireplaces.com is proud to carry many of the fine Adams fireplace products.

Johnny Beard Company

Johnny Beard Company, located in Tulsa, OK, is the leading manufacturer of fireplace bellows.  They are dedicated to making the best products with the most innovative designs thus “bringing warmth and charm to homes around the world”.   For over 30 years expert craftsman, Johnny Beard has been making the finest quality products in his shop in the USA.  His bellows are made with the highest quality full-grain and suede leather and fine wood with brass nozzles and nails.  ToolsForFireplaces.com is very proud to be able to carry the Johnny Beard line of fireplace bellows. 

Enclume Fireplace Tools

Enclume Fireplace Screens

Enclume Fireplace Accessories

Enclume (pronounced “Ahn-Kloom”), located in Pt. Hadlock, WA, construct their products by combining the traditions of skilled metal crafting and close attention to detail.  Their products are all hand crafted in the USA by skilled craftsmen and are completed in small lots of 30 to 60 to ensure the best is quality control.  They purchase the best hot-rolled steel available which is ideally suited to reveal the rich, distressed look of their signature finish.  For 30 years they have been crafting the finest products and ToolsForFireplaces.com is happy to be able to provide you with a selection of their beautiful fireplace pieces. 

Goods Of The Woods Fireplace Accessories

Over 100 different hearth rugs all the way from our exclusive fiberglass Guardian hearth rugs, 100% wool rugs, synthetic fibers including nylon, olefin and polypropylene.  Available in 4 ft 1/2 round, 5 ft 1/2 round and 6t ft 1/2 round shapes.  All rugs meet CPSC FF 1-70 flammability test.

FATWOOD   Natural pine sticks very rich in resin.  Easily lights your fire in a completely natural manner.

Pine cones treated to burn with blue and green colors in all wood burning fires, including fireplaces, campfires, fire pits and chimenas.

Pine cone set into a wax/sawdust base with an easy to light wick,  Use to start any wood fire.

Pine cones with either cinnamon or pine oils applied to give delightful and long lasting fragrance.



Meyda Tiffany

Meyda Tiffany

Over 36 years ago, Meyda Tiffany was founded when Meyer Cohen was asked by his wife Ida (whose names were combined into the company name Meyda) to build a stained glass window in their kitchen so they wouldn't have to look at the vintage cars in their neighbor's driveway. What began as a hobby evolved into America's leading and oldest manufacturer of custom and decorative lighting.

Today Meyda is still a family-run business, with the Cohens' son, Robert, at the helm. As the business grew and evolved, and in an effort to lower costs to create Tiffany styled products that were more affordable for a broader market, we developed strong cooperative relationships with several small handicraft workshops overseas. Meyda designers work very closely with these stained glass studios to maintain the high level of quality that you have come to expect from us.

Nearly two decades ago, Meyda Tiffany acquired Quality Bent Glass Company which created original lighting fixtures, including the famous Coca-Cola® chandeliers, and supplied them to Tiffany Studios in New York City in the early 1900s. We utilize QBG's original tools, molds and techniques to create nostalgic lighting products today. In the mid-1990s, Meyda purchased Mecco Art, a metal art studio, and utilizes its equipment and manufacturing techniques to produce spectacular custom crafted lighting and décor under the Meyda Custom Lighting brand.

Under the Meyda Lighting brand, thousands of decorative styles are offered through fine dealers in the U.S. and Canada. Many designs are inspired by the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany, Dirk Van Erp, Gustav Stickley, and other masters, as well as the Arts and Crafts, Rustic, Gothic, Revival and Contemporary themes. Our extensive line includes table and floor lamps, ceiling pendants, chandeliers, outdoor lighting, wall sconces, stained glass windows, fireplace screens, billiard/kitchen island fixtures, novelty items, and more.

Meyda continues to implement one of the industry's most extensive product development programs. 



Minuteman Fireplace Tools
Minuteman Fireplace Screens
Minuteman Fireplace Accessories
Williamsburg Fireplace Products
All Minuteman Products




Minuteman International®, a division of ACHLA Designs®, has been serving the fireplace industry since 1977.  They provide a broad range of hearth products and their goal is to supply quality products at attractive prices.  ToolsForFireplaces.com is proud to be able to carry Minuteman International’s wide assortment of fireplace products.

Pilgrim Fireplace Tools

Pilgrim Fireplace Screens

Pilgrim Fireplace Accessories

Pilgrim Home and Hearth was founded over 50 years ago in Northern California and specializes in grates, screens, toolsets, log holders, wood holders, log carts and other hearth fashion products.  They offer three brands: Pilgrim, Smithsonian Institution and Napa Forge.  They metal working knowledge is removed and ToolsForFireplaces.com is honored to be carrying their line of fireplace product.

We offer the only nationally available custom fireplace screen program built in our California Facility.
OEM design and production of fireplace fronts, stove fronts and doors and other related fireplace OEM components and fashion.

We service our retail partners out of two state of the art logistics facilities, one in Columbus Ohio and one in Benicia California. Our employee team has very deep experience in the industry and our metal working knowledge is renowned.



Portland Willamette Fireplace Tools
Portland Willamette Screens

Portland Willamette Fireplace Accessories



Portland Willamette began operations in 1946, over 65 years ago.  It has grown to become the nation’s foremost manufacturer of glass doors, accessories and decorative faces for fireplaces.
The company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and is proud to display the “Made in the USA” tags on all of its products.
The company is committed to producing quality products that represent a lasting value to the customer.  That is why the Portland Willamette products are sold only through professional fireplace specialty retail outlets and to OEMs.
A 115,000 square foot facility houses all manufacturing equipment and the skilled technicians it takes to handcraft the fine products produced. 
Manufacturing capabilities include laser cutting, machining centers, polishing, plating, powder painting and wire-weaving.  Our parent company, Cardinal Aluminum, provides aluminum extrusions and aluminum anodizing, powder painting and machining capabilities as well as strong financial backing.

Two Dogs Designs Covers

Two Dogs Designs for Outdoor Living™ was established in 2005 to provide a variety of high quality, weather resistant covers for grills, outdoor furniture, fire pits and log racks.  Their covers come in several design patterns along with solid colors.  This is a wonderful way to protect your outdoor items.  ToolsForFireplaces.com is proud to carry Two Dogs Designs fire pit and log rack covers.

Uniflame Fireplace Tools
Uniflame Fireplace Screens
Uniflame Fireplace Accessories
Uniflame Outdoor Patio Heaters
Uniflame Mosquito Vacs
Uniflame Outdoor Fireplaces And Other Products
All Uniflame Products

Uniflame Corporation, a subsidiary of the Blue Rhino Corporation, is one of the nation’s leaders in supplying fireplace tools, fireplace screens and fireplace accessories along with outdoor fireplaces, patio fire pits, SkeeterVac’s mosquito traps and patio heaters.  Uniflame uses solid brass, finished copper and cast iron materials, providing the highest quality in product and safety standards.  ToolsForFireplaces.com is very proud to be able to carry Uniflame’s fine line of products.

Woodeze Fireplace Products

WoodEze has more than 30 years experience specializing in the manufacturing and distributing of top quality products.  ToolsForFireplaces.com is proud to carry their firepits, wood racks and wood rack covers.  

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